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Nessoft specializes in bringing high value easy-to-use tools to anyone who wants to monitor or troubleshoot their network from a Windows based workstation. If you need a way to visualize your network performance, either quickly and easily and/or over a configurable length of time, Nessoft has a tool to meet your needs.

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See the network, pinpoint the problem
Network Troubleshooting
Network Troubleshooting

Released in different editions so you can pick the solution that's right for you, every edition of our PingPlotter visual network troubleshooting and diagnostic tool for Windows has been designed with ease of use, responsiveness and accuracy in mind.

Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring

MultiPing is an intuitive, easy to configure and use graphical network monitoring tool for Windows with problem notification.

Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Monitoring and Trobleshooting

The MaP bundle allows integration of MultiPing and PingPlotter Standard, in addition to giving you a discount by purchasing them together.

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