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Viewing stats on another computer / iPhone

iSpeed has a basic integrated web server, and includes the ability to display your speed and time deltas, speed, rpm, split times, best lap and last lap on another computer or on your phone!.

Follow these instructions to enable the web interface

  • Start iSpeed on your iRacing computer.
  • Right click on iSpeed, and from the popup menu, select "Enable web server", and pick a port. The default port is 3278 (FAST on a phone pad).
  • If you get prompted by your firewall at this point, you need to allow access to iSpeed - otherwise this won't work.
  • Right-click on iSpeed again, and from the popup menu option for "Web server enabled (http://address:port)". Write down the http://address:port - this is the address for iSpeed (example:
  • Point your Phone / Browser to http://address:port to see splits on a different computer - use the address you wrote down (example: http://address:port).
  • Success! (Hopefully). If it doesn't work, see below.


  • iSpeed will automatically try to fill your browser window, so just resize your browser to make it bigger.
  • To move or hide a specific statistic (panel), just right-click on that panel, unlock the interface, then drag the panels around or hide panels. Right-click again and lock to save the settings.
  • On a phone or tablet, click-hold instead of right-click.
  • Works on Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch), Android (tested on Kindle Fire and other Android devices) and others.
  • Works great in a browser that goes to full screen.
  • Some people have set up their routers to port-forward to their iSpeed web server and allow a spotter to access their iSpeed view.

iPhone/iPad tips

  • If you're on an iPad or iPhone, you'll want to get rid of the navigation bar on the bottom, so make a shortcut on your home screen, then launch iSpeed from that shortcut instead of using Safari.
  • To keep from dimming / locking, turn off auto-lock: SETTINGS >> GENERAL >> AUTO-LOCK >> NEVER.


The most frequent problem we run in to is firewalls and firewall routers that block access from other machines. Here are some tips on that:

  • Try accessing from your local machine to verify things are working - use the same address you wrote down earlier. If that doesn't work, try using http://localhost:3728 (or whatever port you picked). If this works, then you know iSpeed is working, but there's a firewall or network problem.
  • Try disabling the network firewall running on your iRacing machine.
  • Look at settings in your router and see if you can set it up to allow access from other machines.
  • Make sure the IP address on the remote machine (iPad / etc) is on the same subnet as your computer. This is not required, but if they're different it implies that they are on different network segments, which is much more likely to have issues. To verify if they are on the same subnet, look for the first 3 number portions are the same. and are on the same subnet. and are not.
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