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Converting an iRacing replay to an iSpeed .irlap file

There are countless replays of great laps posted around the iRacing forums - most of the fastest laps are available that way, and some of these are not available in the iSpeed datamart. If you've been methodically looking at those replays to find the shift points, turn-in points, gear selection, cornering speed, straight-line speed and other details - you can now look at that data in the iSpeed analyzer!

To convert the .rpy file (iRacing replay) to an .irlap file (iSpeed lap), you'll need to "replay" that replay in iRacing and record it in iSpeed. It's pretty simple - and you can do it while you're watching the replay the first time.

Here are the steps:

  • Load the iSpeed HUD.
  • Launch the iRacing replay as you normally would.
  • Once iRacing is running, select the appropriate lap and play through an entire lap at normal speed. Do not rewind, but you can pause if you want to. You can use any camera view for this.
  • Stop the iRacing playback after the finish line for the lap you want to convert to an iSpeed file.
  • In iSpeed or higher, pull up the menu (right-click or use the menu button), then select Save/Export, then Save last replay lap to local lap repository..
  • You should get a confirmation that the lap is stored in your local lap browser.
  • Pull up your lap browser and look for the lap you just converted. It will have the original driver's name, with the word _REPLAY added to the end.
  • You can open this lap in the lap analyzer (to compare with your best lap) just like any other lap file, or drive "against" it in the HUD.

There are some limitations with this technique:

  • The replay file does not have a full set of samples, and the lap times might have slight variations from the same lap recorded live in iSpeed (+/- 0.016 seconds or so).
  • The g-force data stored in the replay is pretty noisy. It will look noisy in the analyzer too. Here's hoping that iRacing cleans this up a bit sometime.
  • You cannot upload these laps to the datamart. Of course, the person who originally drove the lap can upload it to the iSpeed datamart if they were using iSpeed at the time.
  • You must have version or higher of iSpeed and the analyzer.

Happy analyzing!

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