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Using audio announced points of interest

When learning a new track (or car), it can sometimes be a challenge to get your braking points, turn-in points, and track-out points consistent. iSpeed's lap analyzer is invaluable in helping identify where you're driving differently than someone faster than you, but what if iSpeed could help you while you're on-track?

Voice announce "Points of interest" are built to do that. You can use the lap analyzer to mark a point, and then the HUD will play a sound or a voice each time you reach that point. It can also tell you when it's approaching (using a countdown or similar).

The quick rundown (more details coming soon).

  • Load the iSpeed lap analyzer.
  • Load a reference lap for the car/track in question.
  • Using the reference lap, find the braking point after the longest straight (that's where the line transitions color in the analyzer). Select that point (click, don't drag the track at that point).
  • Switch to the "Points of interest" tab (View -> Show Points of Interest).
  • Right-click in the "Points of Interest" section and select "Add Point of Interest"
  • Name your point (example: "T1 braking point") - this will show up on the track map after you save.
  • Enter the audio you want spoken at that point (Example: Now!) in the Audio field.
  • Click "Add announcement". Enter "1" in the Audio field that just came up.
  • Click "Add announcement". Enter "2"
  • Click "Add announcement". Enter "3"
  • Click "Add announcement". Enter "Brake in" for audio, and Announce "0" seconds before point.
  • Hit "Test". You'll hear "Brake in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... now!"
  • Hit "Save changes".

OK, you have it configured, now you'll want to enable this option in the HUD.

  • Open the HUD
  • Right-click to open the menu, then select the "Text to speech (voice) menu.
  • Turn on (or verify) that "Voice Enabled" is on, and that "Announce points of interest" is enabled.
  • Drive! Get more consistent!


  • Changes in the Analyzer are immediately picked up in the HUD, so you don't need to restart either.
  • You can use an audio file instead of text - one tester used a "beep" and liked the cadence of that better than voice.
  • These In-HUD announcements don't work in Time Trials, Qualifying or Racing - sorry, practice-only.
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