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Import/Export of Lap files

iSpeed gives you a variety of ways to get data to analyze - either in the lap analyzer, or to drive against in the HUD.

The easiest way to get lap files is via the datamart - a repository of thousands of laps that others have driven. You can access this via the menu in either the iSpeed HUD or in the lap analyzer.

You can also use an iRacing replay file to get data into iSpeed - see here for details.

If you want to export an .irlap file to share with someone via a web forum or email, you can do that by doing a double-step in the iSpeed HUD. First, you need to set the lap as your "Best Lap" (via the lap browser). Second, you can export it by right-clicking on the main user interface and select "Save/export best lap for sharing...". Save off the file. This creates a lap file that can be loaded by someone else (by default, if the other person has iSpeed 3.0 or higher, it will automatically open in the lap Analyzer). The extension for these files is .irlap.

If you get an .irlap file from someone, you can double-click the file (if you save it) to open in the analyzer. You can also import it into your local datamart, so you can "Select lap to drive against..." and this imported lap will show up in that list.

Any lap file created in Version or higher of iSpeed can also be used in the iSpeed Lap Analyzer.

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