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iSpeed Version Release Notes

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Version, June 13th, 2017

  • Freshend build dates to get rid of some unexpected messaging stopping running.

Version, June 12th, 2016

  • Rebuild with 2016 dates (to get rid of "old version" warning messages for non-donating users).

Version, June 13th, 2015

  • Minor tweaks to installer for better Unicode handling.
  • Fixed bug in new version notifications that could cause startup to abort.

Version, June 8th, 2015

  • Added ability to specify a sound card for voice announcements (both for points of interest and other voice announce). Access this option via the main (right-click or gear) menu in the HUD, then pick "Text to speech -> Device...".
  • Point of interest audio can now overlap - this lets the countdown (or audio) happen a bit faster if you want it to.
  • Improvements to Lap Browser: minor color tweaks and some load speed improvements.
  • Fixed bug when manually uploading a lap file - a "That lap has been modified" message stopped the process, even if the lap hadn't been modified.
  • Points of Interest load more reliably after being edited.
  • Fixed several access violations (audio, startup, a couple of others).
  • Handful of other bug fixes.

Version, November 15th, 2014

  • Fixed bug with fuel panel not being showable after hiding.
  • Fixed bug with crash on startup (access violation) on a handful of computers.
  • Updated to latest libraries (SSL, etc) and compiler version.
  • Fixed iOS8 safari problem with occasional lost connection on web interface.
  • Added ability to access most of iRacing API through the web interface.

Version, June 30th, 2014

  • Added voice announcements for "Points of Interest". Configure in the lap analyzer to announce in the HUD (ever miss your braking point or turn-in point?). This only works in offline or practice sessions.
  • Offtracks can be voice-announced.
  • All files are now stored in (Documents)\iSpeed instead of in your iRacing\Telemetry folder. The install/upgrade will automatically move all files for you (magically, hopefully).
  • Uninstalling will prompt to remove all collected data files and configuration.
  • Added off-track indicator so status line will show "2 off tracks" instead of "Valid Lap" if there are offtrack.
  • When driving backwards on track, log file updates much less frequently.
  • Added ability to export a lap file from the lap browser right-click menu (lap must exist locally first).
  • Added "Submit support ticket..." to right-click menu on HUD (for those who have donated).
  • Changed telemetry line width to 60" (1.5 meters) instead of 1/450th of the track size.
  • Fixed issue in analyzer where new panels in old workspaces were impossible to make visible.
  • Fixed "Not enough storage is available" error when iSpeed got it's screen scaling wrong.
  • A handful of other fixes and library updates.

Version, April 30th, 2013

  • Fixed sometimes-missing minutes on times on iOS6 iPads.
  • Added F11 key to toggle full screen on HUD.
  • Offtracks can now be best laps as long as no 0-incident laps have been driven. Helpful for learning a new track. Once a 0-incident lap is driven, only 0-incident laps will be used as the best lap.
  • Added tool-tip hints to the statistics data in the analyzer to explain some of the numbers a bit better.
  • Added average speed statistic to analyzer.
  • Added new statistic to show time gained/lost by driving extra distance to statistics. This can help determine if a shorter path through a corner might be faster (and by how much).
  • Added graph for total g-force to help determine if you're using all your available traction. Thanks to Garnet Bartlett for the inspiration.
  • Fixed track alignment bug where two laps would sometimes not align correctly.
  • Distance field in analyzer now shows delta of distances.
  • Added yaw graphing - this shows the rotation of the car relative to the direction of travel. Thanks to Martin Peck for pushing for this.
  • Added support for including car rotation (yaw) in telemetry saves - laps must be saved with iSpeed 3.4.0 or higher to be able to see yaw on the graph.
  • Added support for driving ghost sessions.

Version, January 4th, 2013

  • Fixed access violation bug when first loading Lap Analyzer in some cases.

Version, January 1st, 2013

  • Fixed error message about expiring December 31st, 2012.

Version, May 28th, 2012

  • Lap browser shows the series, season and race week that a lap was driven in (if driven in a series).
  • Lap browser can now filter by series. This is especially useful to compare telemetry files for a fixed series (Mazda Cup, Cadillac Cup, other fixed series) where a fixed setup might not be quite as fast as an open setup. All hosted session and offline testing show up as - No Series -, but if you drive an online session in the context of a series, you can filter that in/out. Also, when you drive a lap, the datamart will request fastest laps within the context of a Series and Season.
  • Lap browser can filter by custom date ranges.
  • Fixed a memory leak where iSpeed's memory use would grow over time after it had collected some telemetry, but after iRacing was closed.
  • Added shortcut in lap browser to filter to just *your* laps, and another shortcut button to clear the driver filter.
  • Analyzer now shows RPM when selecting a single data point.
  • Closing and re-opening the lap browser remembers your filter/sort settings (only through the duration of that "session", until you close/reopen iSpeed or the Analyzer).
  • Several other small updates / fixes.
  • Not a feature, but don't forget to read Troy Schulz's great guide on how to use the lap analyzer - highly recommended.

Version, March 18th, 2012

  • Auto-Archive of Setups - new feature to auto-archive setup files. This will auto-save a copy of your fastest setups - the naming isn't all that great, but if you like making setup tweaks, iSpeed will now save a copy of your setup after you complete a lap, and will save it with a name indicating what your laptime was. Each time you drive faster with that setup, the setup will be renamed with the date/time and lap time. If you change your setup, the old setup will remain. Because iRacing doesn't give any visibility into the setup files, these are saved without any knowledge of what you changed, only that you did change something. This feature will make sure you don't lose your fastest setups when you're tweaking to try and find a faster one.
  • Weight-based fuel display - fuel can now be displayed in volume or weight. HPD and Williams default to weight-based, but you can change this from the menu.
  • SeriesID and Week are now saved as part of the lap file - future updates should be able to sort / filter based on a series rather than just a season (no way to filter yet, but the data is being saved for a future update to take advantage of).
  • Updated web display to show better compare times. A couple other web UI tweaks as well when driving against a compare lap.
  • Fixed trap speeds so you don't have to have 2 trap points defined to get voice announcements.
  • Floating displays didn't always stay on top when main GUI is minimized. Should be fixed.
  • Minor improvements to lap browser when no laps were visible (at all, or for a specific track/car combo).
  • Fixed replay "recording" so closing the iRacing replay doesn't invalidate the last lap.
  • Fixed analyzer so it properly shows throttle %.
  • Several other small updates / fixes.
  • Not a feature, but don't forget to read Troy Schulz's great guide on how to use the lap analyzer - highly recommended.

Version, January 20th, 2012

  • Speed improvement on lap browser - only loads current season laps by default (change season dropdown to load prior season laps).
  • Lap browser now doesn't jump around when folding open a track or car folder.
  • Added option to allow laps with offtracks to be best lap.
  • Laps with offtracks now show with the _OFFTRACK marker as part of the driver name in lap browser. These are always only your own laps because iSpeed won't upload laps with offtracks to the datamart.
  • Better split handling, especially when partial laps are driven (reset or first lap out).
  • Fixed "stay on top" logic to work correctly even if auto-minimize is turned off.
  • Fixed index out of range error when loading a single lap in the analyzer.
  • Fixed lap time interpolation - immediate calculated lap times should be within 1/1000 of a second from the official lap time.
  • Changes to installer to shrink installer size by 1 meg.
  • Not really a new feature, but there's a great new guide by Troy Schulz on how to use the lap analyzer - highly recommended.
  • Other minor tweaks.

Version, January 3rd, 2012

  • Lap files recorded with or higher now store acceleration data. Data recorded from replays is pretty noisy, so live laps are much preferred.
  • Lap Analyzer shows g-force data (Lateral, Longitudinal, and Inverse Corner Radius). You can still analyze and compare laps recorded with older version, but the G-force data won't be graphed.
  • Fixed problem with blinking text on floating panels.
  • Fixed problem with "Stay on Top" not always staying on top after minimize / restore.
  • Fixed bug when launching iSpeed with an occasional non-fatal "Floating Point Error".
  • New layout for lap analyzer - more data, so data is grouped in tabs.
  • iSpeed clock now updates when not connected to iRacing.
  • Laps remaining should voice announce now, when appropriate.
  • Better selection of lap types - doesn't pick "race" when driving a practice session that is part of a race event.
  • Fixed bug that forced publishing laps to datamart for non-donating people.
  • Fixed "Index out of bounds" bug that some people were getting. Couldn't duplicate, so this is hopefully squashed.
  • Fixed bug with saving/reloading trap points and custom split points.
  • A handful of other tweaks / improvements.

Version, December 16th, 2011

  • In the analyzer, lap files are now synced up much more accurately - driving line analysis is much better when comparing 2 laps.
  • Fixed problem with "official" lap time being sometimes written in from prior lap, so last lap times and best lap times not always updated correctly.
  • Lap analyzer would sometimes show huge spikes in the delta time panel on the last sample of a lap.
  • Changed layout version number, making existing layouts not load automatically. If you have a layout you created with version 3.0, you can manually load it through the menu and then resave it. Your current layout is renamed with "old" to make it still available. iSpeed 2.x layouts do not load correctly, though.
  • Now writes status updates (the ones that show in the message log) to a file for easier troubleshooting.
  • A couple other minor tweaks.

Version, December 13th, 2011

  • Replays can now be "replayed" into iSpeed, allowing you to analyze a replay you've downloaded and compare with other laps. (more details here)
  • Some user interface updates to make resizing / docking more reliable.
  • Fixed bug where floating windows didn't reload correctly on the HUD or the analyzer.
  • Fixed bug in Analyzer where having sample 0 selected would always show distance of 0.

Version, December 11th, 2011

  • Uses new iRacing API. iWrap no longer needed (or used if installed).
  • Variety of "tweaks" based on new API, some good, some not as good (fuel density no longer needed, 60 hz updates instead of 360 hz, etc).
  • Now comes packaged in an installer. If you have an old version, you can either install to that same directory - or just let the new installer pick the directory and delete your old settings. Everything should upgrade fine, but you *may* need to revert to the default layout if things don't look quite right.
  • Some new panel docking logic to make it a bit easier to figure out where things are going.
  • New web interface: shows Gear and Fuel data; fits devices better; customizable layout; works on iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire (and probably other Android, but not tested yet). Web interface is time-limited for people who have not contributed.
  • Driving off track (or black flag) now invalidates lap as a best lap (and will not post it to the datamart).
  • Pulling up the lap browser now defaults to only show the current season.
  • A pile of other tweaks, fixes, breaks (hopefully not too many!), and updates.

Version, April 1st, 2011

  • Fixed problem where floating panels were not reloaded correctly.
  • Added "Turbo Boost" feature that uses the best lap driven by anyone and incrementally moves your driving line, brake point and acceleration points closer to that best lap. "Turbo Boost" is activated automatically. Works better when you pick the best lap manually in the Lap Analyzer and compare it to yours.

Version, March 31st, 2011

  • Added Gear panel.
  • Added fuel use panel (different cars have different fuel densities, so right-click on the fuel weight and select the menu option to enter your current fuel level - iSpeed will compute the fuel density).
  • You can now show all tracks and all cars (even ones you've not driven) in the lap browser by right-clicking and selecting that option in the lap browser.
  • You can now drive against a different track and car's lap file. This helps for similar cars (MX-5, for example) that behave similarly and you want to see where one is faster than the other.
  • Fixed out of memory problem on large resolutions.
  • A handful of bug fixes.

Version, October 31st, 2010

  • Updated to use new Season 4, 2010 iRacing API.
  • Now gets your name from the new API calls that provide this. Fixes empty driver name that sometimes happened previously.
  • Uses latest version of iWrap. If you use iWrap, please upgrade to the latest installer.
  • Fixed problem with floating panels getting smaller each time you closed / restarted iSpeed.
  • Note: If you're using any EK proxy clients hooked up to iSpeed acting as the EK proxy, do *NOT* upgrade your EK clients with the latest EK code. EK has stopped publishing his proxy format, and 0.8f is the most recent version that will work with iSpeed. Do not upgrade to 0.9c of EK's proxy or clients or you'll lose the ability to have EK clients work at the same time as iSpeed (and other iWrap clients).

Version, October 16th, 2010

  • Fixed an issue when iSpeed was acting as the EK Proxy.

Version, October 14th, 2010

  • Web interface now uses the new optimal/best/current/comparison mode from the GUI.
  • Now uses iWrap (http://iwrap.sourceforge.net) to allow multiple external API applications to connect. Will automatically use the iWrap "proxy" (which allows multiple connection) if iWrap is running, or connect directly to the API if it's not.
  • Voice volume is now set to 100% - this might (or might not - no confirmation yet) help those with low voice volume.
  • iWrapLapAnalyzer now supports clutch pedal status - you may need to View -> Restore Default Layout to enable it, though).
  • Fixed problem with your (Driver's) name not always loading correctly.
  • Small handful of other bugs fixed.
  • If you have a EK Sim Racing-supported gauge (www.eksimracing.com), you can enable EK Proxy Compatibility mode by adding this section to your (My Documents)\iRacing\Telmetry\Telemetry.ini file:
    Once you do that (and close/restart iSpeed), iSpeed will be the EK Proxy, and you should be able to run your gauges without using the EK Proxy. Note that this has not been tested (I do not own gauges). Also, you can do this while using iWrap, or without iWrap - it should work either way.

Version, August 1st, 2010

  • Uses the 2010 Season 3 (new) iRacing API.
  • Your name now pulled from the new API, rather than having to enter it.
  • iRacing splits should now load automatically (was previously broken for everyone but me!).
  • No longer writes to iRPS proxy MMF name by default. If you're using EK's proxy and want to use iSpeed at the same time, ask and I'll post instructions on enabling experimental support for this (not sure if anyone even cares anymore...).

Version, July 26th, 2010

  • Fixed "File not found" error when a track had not yet been driven in Season 2.

Version, July 25th, 2010

  • Split points are now loaded from iRacing instead of always using four 25% splits. At least one valid lap must have been driven on this track before iSpeed can see the iRacing splits.
  • Lap times are more accurate, usually right on, or at most within 2 ms (2/1000) of a second from iRacing.
  • In the HUD, you can now compare your current lap against best lap, instead of just optimal or comparison. If you drive a better best lap, that will become the baseline.
  • Now acts as a substitute for the iRPS Proxy Server (from http://www.eksimracing.com/). This has not been well tested because I don't have any devices that use it. You should be able to run iSpeed instead of iRPS.exe and proxy consumers will work the same as they do now.
  • Your iRacing name is now automatically pulled from iRacing optimal/best lap files so iSpeed lap files will be posted with the same name as your iRacing one, instead of the one you typed in (a lot of people didn't know what they were entering, so they entered an email address or track name or car name - this will correct those).
  • Added option to reset optimals to your best lap, rather than just clearing them.
  • Fixed a bug in web server keep-alive. Web server has been tested with updates to about 600 times per second.
  • Fixed problem with best/splits not being reloaded correctly when iSpeed is restarted.
  • Added a update check - if a new version of iSpeed is released, it will show on the banner.
  • Lap browser now allows filtering by Season and searching by driver name.
  • Added checkboxes to show/hide graphs for a specific lap file in the lap analyzer.
  • Fixed lap analyzer crash when throttle was 100% for the full lap, or brake was not touched during a lap.
  • Fixed a few misc. errors / bugs.

Version, April 15th, 2010

Bug fixes.

  • Laps remaining is now voice announced only when it changes, not whenever iRacing sends it over. I'm interested to see if this means you might get an announcement mid-lap if you go one lap down.
  • Loading the lap analyzer would crash when upgrading from an older version, because of the new Time Delta not being part of the previously saved layout.
  • Sometimes the laps in the analyzer would not be aligned on the display correctly. This should be fixed (although there is always some opportunity for alignment error - I'm working on an article on how to use the lap analyzer where this will be covered).
  • Laps points were sometimes recorded a few inches up/down track (still in line, but a bit earlier/later) than the previous version because of a rounding error. No real affect, but sometimes comparing two laps is a few inches off.

Version, April 14th, 2010

Some new features, some bugs fixed. New bugs added too, of course, I just haven't found them yet. :)

  • The main iSpeed GUI can now be rearranged.
    • All the primary display numbers have resize "splitters" around them.
    • All the numbers can be pulled off the main GUI and put back on in different places / sizes.
    • Any of the numbers can be turned off / closed.
    • Any of the display stats can be floated over iRacing when running as a window, sized and positioned.
    • Layouts can be saved / named. If you want a different display for racing, create a layout for racing. Currently, you do have to manually change.
  • iSpeed can now auto-hide itself when iRacing starts, and show itself when iRacing closes. In this mode, if you have detached number (delta / speed / whatever), these will automatically show themselves when you get in your car (and hide when you go back to the menu).
  • New voice announce modes for lap time delta. These can now be announced at split points and at trap speed points, so you can go in to the lap analyzer and drop in a few custom announcement points if you like.
  • Voice announcements of lap times now only announces 1 or 2 decimal places. "Ahead 1.2 seconds", instead of the old 1.241.
  • Voice announcements now remove the comma from any numbers so folks using the , as the fractional separator don't hear about thousands anymore.
  • Lap analyzer now has new "Time Delta" graph, as requested by Ricardo Gomes. Makes it easy to see where you need to focus. You'll need to manually turn this on through the View menu.
  • A handful of bug fixes and tweaks, the most major one of these being that loading an old lap file in iSpeed (like if you drove the same track/car this season as last season and used iSpeed then) could cause future best laps to be incorrectly flagged as old.

Version, April 6th, 2010

Minor update to fix a couple of bugs.

  • Laps could sometimes not be loaded/published because iSpeed though they'd been modified.
  • Turning off the auto-publish option would crash on reload in some cases.

Version, April 5th, 2010

Big update - lots of new goodness.

iSpeed main GUI (Heads Up Display)

  • New "Datamart", collects best lap files driven.
  • iSpeed Lap browser automatically connects to the Datamart and shows all available lap files on the server. Downloading a lap file from someone else is super-simple.
  • Can automatically publish your best driven lap to the datamart (Lap files are code-signed to make sure that available lap files haven't been manually tampered with).
  • You can delete any of the laps you published, or edit/create notes like "This was a great lap, but I blew the last corner - probably have .3 sec more".
  • Auto-publish can be turned off for a session, but by default everyone's driven laps will be published. People who donate can turn this off permanently. Auto-published laps are always overwritten when you do a faster lap, but you can also manually post a lap and make it "sticky".
  • Voice "Text to speech" features of later Windows versions can be used to announce split times, lap times, deltas. Windows 7 Text To Speech is very solid for this, XP less so, although maybe there are better voices for XP to make this better.
  • Trap Speeds can be voice announced. Currently, these are only available via voice announcing. (The user interface prototypes just didn't really work out very well for this).
  • You can launch the lap analyzer from the lap browser. Select 1 or two laps and right-click, use the menu to launch.
  • Web browser IP address & port is shown in the right-click menu.
  • New "Blank screen" option to turn off statistics display. This is useful to collect data (and still do voice announcements) without having to look at the screen (for those of us with dedicated iSpeed screens).
  • Lots of other tweaks.

Telemetry Analyzer

  • All graphs are now antialiased for sub-pixel accuracy of graph data. Plus it looks much better.
  • Split points are editable. Split times are shown (actual split times for laps being analyzed). Split points are automatically used in the Heads Up Display.
  • Trap Speed points can be created. Trap speeds are shown for each lap being analyzed. Trap points are automatically used in the Heads Up Display.
  • Split points and Speed Traps are shown on the track map. Sorry, these colors are not editable - if they need to be, let me know (along with your donation :)!).
  • Note that Split Points and Trap Points are not yet publishable in the Datamart, but that's coming if people think it will be useful. I had to release *sometime*, though.
  • Can zoom in on a selected track point in several ways:
    • Highlight a track / or stat area with left-click dragging, then right-click "Zoom in" or "Zoom out" from the menu.
    • Use the mouse wheel with your cursor hovering over an interesting area.
    • Hold the right-mouse button while dragging the track map (or a Statistic period) to move the focus area.
  • The last laps you analyzed are automatically reloaded. The "New Track" logic still needs a bit of work - sometimes you can get two different tracks loaded at the same time, which will cause errors and lots of confusion.
  • You can rotate the track 90, 180, 270 degrees to make it better match how you think of the track.

Caveats / possible problems!

  • There's been limited testing on some of this stuff, so please don't load it up and jump in a race.
  • Right-click is your friend, all over the place. Someday, I'll find some good icons so I can do shortcuts, but for now right-click menus are mostly my command of choice.
  • Donating is encouraged in several ways:
    • A "Banner" on the top of the main HUD Gui which reminds you to donate. This auto-hides itself when you get in your car.
    • Auto-published of best laps is forced (back) on when you change tracks, or when you close/restart iSpeed. You can delete your own auto-published laps at any time.
    • Both iSpeed and the Lap Analyzer can only load "Official" lap files. You can't edit a lap file (lap time, drive path, lap driven date, car, etc) and then load it.
    • All other functionality exists. If you find it useful, please donate!
  • If you were using the lap analyzer before, it's recommended that you reload the layout via the "View" -> "Restore Default Layout" menu option. This will turn on the Splits and Speed Trap windows and put them in a reasonable location.

Version, February 21st, 2010

Minor update to fix a bug.

  • Fixed problem when switching tracks without restarting iSpeed - the old laps length was still being used.
  • Some minor tweaks to best/optimal/last splits.
  • Web interface now always shows best splits times with delta times for your last lap (previously, would show wrong numbers if iSpeed was displaying last lap times instead of best). Also, best, last and delta are all sent for those who would like to display something different.

Version, February 17th, 2010

Small update to fix a bug, mostly.

  • Fixed problem with version number on save files with international number settings.
  • Added ability multi-select lap files in the "Select lap to drive against" dialog, and then right-click to delete them.
  • Added option in iSpeed main menu to Auto-save all valid lap files (vs saving best laps only).

Version, February 15th, 2010

Wow, lots of awesomeness in this one, at least I think so.

  • Now supports multiple lap types, so you can record separate splits / best laps for different activities. Hotlap, Qual, Time Trial and Race are currently out of the box. Can also add others, although it's not yet documented or really supported. Click on the lap type on the upper left, or right-click and use the menu to change lap types. When entering a race, the race type will automatically be selected, so you'll probably want to manually change to that when you're practicing with race fuel / setup and record a best lap & best split for race mode so you'll be fully populated during the race.
  • You can now delete lap files out of history by going to the history browser and right-clicking on a lap file. Works best when not running iRacing, of course.
  • Tracks are now split into 1 meter segments instead of 1000 segments. This gets better accuracy and seems to allow more solid time displays when racing.
  • Better consistency between iRacing lap time and iSpeed lap time (still not perfect, but better).
  • Expose Gear, Laps Remaining through web server.
  • A handful of little tweaks / fixes for issues I found while racing.
  • Saves Lat/Long, velocities, throttle positions, gear in the save files.
  • Now includes iSpeedLapAnalyzer.exe - which can load 1 or 2 lap files and show them. Comparing to my own laps isn't all that interesting, but hopefully we can get some best laps posted on the forums. Not a lot of documentation on this yet, but load a couple of laps, then click on any of the graphs/lap display and drag your mouse to highlight that section and get stats for just that portion. I've got a lot of ideas on things to do with this, but there's only so much time I can work on this project - and it cuts into racing time too. :)

Version, November 18th, 2009

  • Updates to web interface.
    • Updated javascript on web interface so it works more reliably on Internet Explorer.
    • Quite a few changes to iPhone / web code to allow better customization of colors (styles for each component).
    • Web interface highlights the current split.
    • Web interface updates more quickly (split data is only sent once a second).
    • Web interface better supports driving against a saved/someone else's lap, including putting the original driver / date on page.
  • Updates to main GUI / general functionality.
    • Improved auto-sizing of split information so it always fits in width (so tall screens work better).
    • Added "Keep on top" option so iSpeed doesn't always have to be in Stay on top mode.
    • Split / best information stays in GUI after iRacing is closed to allow you to interact with it after you're done driving.
    • Custom split points can now be put in the car directory and it works for that track/car combination only, or in the track directory to work with any car for that track.

Version, November 10th, 2009

  • Fixed iSpeed built-in web server so changing ports now works (turn off the web server, then turn it back on to get prompted for port).
  • Added json output for Javascript - smaller, easier to consume. Updated web client to use json instead of XML.
  • Fixed (I think) localization issues on the web server. The web app should work no matter what decimal point format you use (, or .). This has not been well tested, so post to the forum if you have problems.

Version, November 10th, 2009

  • New "first draft" capability for network devices via a web interface.

Version, November 9th, 2009

  • Moved the "Clear split" and "Reset best lap" options to the main right-click/dropdown menu.

Version, November 8th, 2009

  • Should now load .irlap files from people with different international settings (, and . used differently in different regions).
  • Improved accuracy of lap times - they still don't always exactly match what iRacing reports (+/- .015 sometimes), but it should be a bit closer.
  • Splits are now aligned a bit different, and resize automatically based on the size of available area (this is to better support a varying number of splits).
  • A button added to the upper left that brings up the menu without having to right click (works with touch screen now).
  • Several other minor tweaks / fixes.

Version, November 7th, 2009

  • Now supports arbitrary split counts, split points and split names (see above for instructions).
  • Fixed bug where the first split in a shared comparison file was 1 second too low.
  • (Hopefully) fixed problem converting times between time zones on some computers..

Version, November 6th, 2009

  • Major updates to allow "exporting" of data, and importing data from other users.
  • Can now drive (deltas and splits) against a Lap file that isn't your best - maybe it come from someone else, or it's a lap file that you're used to driving against and don't want to deal with mid-race changes of deltas.
  • Exiting iRacing no longer "loses" your track/car combination (making it easier to export data when you're done with a race/session).
  • Every time you hit a new best, the old best file gets saved so you can come back to it, if appropriate.
  • Bunch of other misc related stuff (for loading/saving of lap files). Check the "main" right-click menu.

Version, November 5th

  • Fixed error (Index range: 0-1000, sent: xxxxx) when climbing in car.

Version, November 4th, 2009

  • Fixed problem with splits sometimes being regarded as valid even though entire lap wasn't driven.
  • Fixed problem on really short tracks (Boston, for example) sometimes the splits would get "missed".
  • Fixed problem with Split 3 not being highlighted.
  • A couple of cosmetics tweaks.
  • Any split can be cleared by right-clicking on the split display and using the popup menu.
  • The best lap time can be cleared by double-clicking on the lap time (this was in the original, but not documented).

Version, November 3rd, 2009

  • Showing best splits and beating the current best split now shows how much the split was beat by, instead of 0.000.
  • Added a "Status bar", which shows track, car, lap status and time. Lap status must be "Valid Lap" for best split to be updated and best lap time to be recorded / replaced.
  • Did some work towards shareable best laps. Also moving towards 1 data point per meter on the track, rather than a fixed number of data points.
  • Fixed background color under the splits on some computers.

Version, November 3rd, 2009

  • Fixed so a reset invalidates the current lap (which means it doesn't mess with the splits).
  • Added an option to switch between showing last lap or best lap on the splits.
  • Added a couple of right-click menu options. You can now load up a "best lap" file without having iRacing running, and copy a summary to the clipboard (for pasting into a forum post / similar).
  • A couple of other minor logic tweaks.

Version, November 2nd, 2009

Initial Release

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