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MultiPing is an application built for monitoring one or more TCP/IP hosts, while providing detailed historical information about the collection period. Using the proven and powerful PingPlotter engine technology, MultiPing allows you to monitor numerous targets simultaneously giving you the data you need to choose between multiple possible hosts (for online gaming or stock trading), to monitor uptime and performance, or just keep track of general connectivity.

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If you're a PingPlotter Standard or Pro user, or if you're wondering which of our tools is the right fit for you, please see our PingPlotter vs. MultiPing comparison page.

MultiPing Features

MultiPing has a number of valuable features for someone who wants to monitor their network connectivity, including:

  • Can monitor multiple targets, giving you the capability to see which of these hosts is best, or which is having problems.
  • Sort the targets by any of the visible columns (latency, packet loss, name, IP address, etc.)
  • Allows you to scroll forward or backwards in time to look at performance at any period during the collection session.
  • Saves lists of hosts to monitor for easy setup of future monitoring sessions.
  • The powerful "Timeline graphs" can be shown for any of your monitored hosts, with any time-scale you need to see the whole picture.
  • Any timeline graph can be floated anywhere on your screen, and configured to stay on top, transparent, and a number of other options to make the graphs look just like you want them to.
  • Configurable ping interval so you configure MultiPing to capture data at the rate that makes sense for your connection, and for the conditions you're looking for.
  • Packet loss is graphed and easily visible.
  • Can send data to PingPlotter for further troubleshooting.
  • Will auto-start pinging on load, monitoring the destinations just like you were when you last closed MultiPing, or a setup of your choice.
  • Configurable Good/Warning/Bad periods to easily identify which targets are in trouble.
  • Flexible, configurable alert system to monitor one or more targets based on the conditions of your choice. You can be notified by playing a sound, sending an email (which can also email your pager to fire a pager alert), changing the tray icon, or launching an executable to allow you to customize your own alert events.
  • Proven multi-threaded engine for maximum performance over long periods of time.
  • Configurable workspace, with the ability to save that for reload at any time.
  • Can minimize to your system tray.
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